Gällivare Jaktvårdsförening

Gällivare Jaktvårdsförening provides small game hunting and have approx. 10 000 hectare som leased from Sveaskog, the main area is Leipipr (see map below). The second area is called Kavaheden, just a few kilometers east of Gällivare.

Welcome to hunt with us!

Hunting licence

Based on current usage of our hunting grounds, they are currently available for both swedish and foreign hunters.
Membership is mandatory for annual licence, which is paid along with the licence. Supporting members are welcome (50SEK), but it is not a requirement for one-day hunting licence.

Hunting grounds

The main grouns are approx 10 km south-east from Gällivare city. This area, called Leipipir, is mainly old fir and pine forest mixed with med deciduous forest.

The second area is called Kavaheden, and is located a few kilometers east of Gällivare city. The river Linaälven have a presence of ducks while the general area holds forest hares. Please be careful if you hunt with dogs, as there are some major roads not far from the hunting grounds.

Capercaillie (8751340764)


Available game: Capercaillie, Black grouse, hazel-ben, willow grouse, forest hare and ducks; some geese may also be present in some of the small lakes.

Fox and marten are allowed predators, and we appreciate any reduction of their population.


Board 2024


Erik Abrahamsson
070-692 03 77


Ann-Helen Kristell
070-519 36 30


Sven Lundgren


Rasmus Omgren


Christer Olofsson Ranta


Hans Öberg

fiduciary duties 2024

Deputy of game conservation

Tony Jonsson

Buy hunting licence

Everyone is welcome to hunt at our grounds.
(Remember to report your results of the hunt!)

Available licence types:
Year or 1 day

Prices 2024/2025:
Yearly (1st of July-30th of June): 600 SEK = 50 SEK member fee + 550 SEK yearly licence
1 day card: 180 SEK; (>3 hunting days/year it's more beneficial with yearly licence)

Buy licence by:
NOTE: NEW SWISH-NUMBER (from Feb 2022)

Swish 070-018 67 30 (recipient:Ann-Helen Kristell, teller)
International payment: Svenska Handelsbanken Gällivare | IBAN SE72 6000 0000 0007 6131 1602 | BIC HANDSESS
Message: Name of hunter, city of residence, Mobile number, type of licence
Year licence: E.g. John Doe, Gällivare, 070xxxxxxx, 24/25
1 Day licence: T.ex. John Doe, Gällivare, 070xxxxxxx, YYMMDD
ÅÅMMDD defines the first day of hunting; if you pay 2 x 180 kr = 360 kr it will be interpreted as 2 consecutive days for stated date.

Licence can also be bought at the followin places:
Association teller, phone number +46705193630

When hunting: Be ready to show proof of payment and valid identification if requested by a game warden.
Please remember to pay the national hunting licence as well, read more at naturvårdsverket
Illigal hunting is a police matter and will be reported.

Report your result

Leipipir: QCTW3H
Kavaheden: DWTHGV

Report at: viltdata.se
Instructions: viltdata.se/sa-rapporterar-du/

There is also an app available:
Google play (Android):
App store (IOS):
Film clip about the app:
Instructions for the app:

It is important to report all results to secure future availability of the hunting grounds. (if you don't get anything, you don't need to report)

Film clip of why it's important:

Do you want a photo from your hunt in our gallery?

E-mail the photo(s) to the chairman with your name and photo description.